Empty Leg Flights To Singapore

With VistaJet Direct

VistaJet Direct is the new way to fly To Singapore.

VistaJet Direct provides users access to Empty Leg Flights and One Way Flights as well as the fastest way to request Point to Point charter flights.

Empty Legs

Empty Legs are flights where the departure airport, destination airport and time of departure are pre-defined. Perfect for short notice leisure trips, a private jet empty leg is the best value way to fly VistaJet.

One Ways

One Ways are jets available to charter near you within a specified time window. You can then take your aircraft anywhere in the world.

As a VistaJet Direct member, our new app will notify you of available deals near you or your preferred cities. The VistaJet App is now available to download on iOS and Android.

For more information visit VistaJet Direct, our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us on the form below.