VistaJet Direct

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VistaJet Direct?

VistaJet Direct is the new way to fly VistaJet.

Enjoy special rate flights to and from major locations worldwide, and the fastest booking confirmations on all your on-demand flights.

VistaJet Direct is a mobile application service provided by VistaJet Online and Mobile Services Ltd.

Can everyone access VistaJet Direct?

The VistaJet app is available for everyone: download from the App Store and Google Play and register to start requesting flight quotes.

Become a Direct Member to gain full access to the VistaJet Direct services, including competitive rates for One Ways and Empty Legs flights.

What are the benefits of being a VistaJet Direct member?

Priority access to available Empty Leg and One Way flights.

Request any flights in seconds – all your data is stored in the app to make it faster each time.

Review your flying history, previous quotes, and manage your account.

Access the world – our customers already visited over 96% of the world countries.

What are the additional benefits for a VistaJet Program member?

Program members receive complimentary access to VistaJet Direct.

They already enjoy guaranteed access to the entire fleet, with personal rates and conditions. With VistaJet Direct, Program members also get priority access to additional offers, to be able to fly VistaJet more often for leisure and work.

Membership Overview

VistaJet Direct Membership is USD$10,000.

Your membership is valid for 12 months, and will begin as soon as the initial payment is received. Once the membership is close to expiration, Direct members will be notified for renewal.

How can I top up my account?

You can pay your flights with a credit card and top-up your account by bank transfer. You’ll be able to check your account credit at any time from the menu.

As a Program member, will VistaJet Direct be invoiced to my existing account?

VistaJet Direct will not debit anything on your existing Program account.

Your VistaJet Direct flight credit will always be clearly separated from your Program account, to make accounting simpler. Just top-up your Direct account as you go.

VistaJet Direct Glossary

VistaJet’s newest service, providing priority access to one way and empty leg flights.

Empty Leg
A flight with predetermined departure and arrival airports, available within a time window.

Estimated time of arrival.

Estimated time of departure.

The private jet terminal.

Flight Credit
Funds that have been transferred to your VistaJet Direct account, and ready to be used to fly all over the world.

Membership Fee
The annual fee payable by the Member to access the VistaJet Direct services.

On Demand
A one-off flight. Its price will depend on the requested destination and arrival airports, as well as aircraft availability.

One Way
A flight with predetermined departure airport, available within a specific time window, ready to go anywhere in the world.

The duly licensed carrier that provides air transportation services to the VistaJet Direct members. For example, VistaJet or its partners Jet Aviation and Apex Air.

The signature VistaJet service. Its members enjoy guaranteed access to the VistaJet fleet anytime, anywhere in the world, at a fixed hourly rate.

Who should I contact?

Simply leave us your details, and our sales team will contact you personally.

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