The Alternative to Fractional Ownership

For over a decade VistaJet has been transforming the international private aviation space with its unique business model and is the choice alternative to fractional ownership.

VistaJet offers the only global, asset-light flight solution, giving customers access to a fleet of over 70 identical Global and Challenger aircraft. An aircraft is always available to a VistaJet customer with minimal notice no matter where they are in the world, guaranteed. VistaJet is committed to providing the highest safety standards, reliability and cabin experience in the industry.

Eliminate asset exposure and uncertainty, maintain the unrivalled efficiency of business jet use and fly anywhere in the world at a fixed hourly rate.

Key Differences | VistaJet vs. Fractional

No capital commitment and associated cost

No cost of depreciation or resale market risk

No sizeable asset exposure on the company balance sheet

No unforeseen costs related to aircraft maintenance

No internal resource commitment

No unwanted public or media attention due to ownership

No retail premium at purchase

No wholesale loss

No remarketing fee at resale

One-way pricing that covers over the entire globe


Join individuals and corporations around the world who have already taken advantage of this industry changing business model – VistaJet performed over 18,000 international flights in 2016 alone.


Identical aircraft. Consistent service. Simple pricing. The only Global solution.

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