The VistaJet experience

The VistaJet experience is tailored so that passengers always feel at ease to work, entertain and relax all on the same journey.

Spacious stand up cabins feature understated elegant furnishings, dark wood, fine Italian leather and sophisticated elements to create a home away from home environment.

For corporate leaders, it is business as usual as all cabins are equipped with the most advanced and reliable office options that executives enjoy on the ground, perfect to maximize productivity.

Wifi enabled business suite

High-speed WiFi allows for uninterrupted internet access for business and pleasure.

VistaJet aircraft feature advanced Cabin Management Systems providing complete control of the cabin environment, entertainment and productivity technologies, even from your personal devices.

A complete office suite including satellite phones, LCD screens, iPad, sound optimised headphones and more are included on-board.

Wifi Enabled Cabins
Three zone cabin

Three zone cabin

VistaJet is renowned for its consistency around the globe, as the only provider to offer an identical fleet.

The stand-up three zone cabin with bulkhead doors allows for complete privacy so executives and families can feel truly at home.

VistaJet cabins come with a fully equipped galley so no request is too out of reach and Cabin Hostesses ensure a comfortable and inclusive experience.

A cabin hostess on every flight

Exemplary service is provided as standard on every VistaJet flight.

After completing a unique training course, with sessions from the British Butler Institute, the cabin staff are ready to welcome VistaJet customers on board.

Cabin Hostess on every flight
Bespoke Catering

Bespoke Catering

Established partnerships with renowned restaurants across the world allow VistaJet to serve the finest cuisine across the VistaJet fleet.

Customer preferences are carefully followed to produce tailored menus.

The ultimate sky sleep

VistaJet has developed a specific program to enhance the customer sleep experience in the sky.

Carefully selected products such as Cashmere blankets, custom fitted Skysleeper mattresses, hypoallergenic feather duvets, organic skincare products and brushed cotton pyjamas all contribute to the Ultimate Sky Sleep.

A well rested and relaxed state of mind allows passengers to be more effective and efficient when back on the ground and at work.

VistaJet Ultimate Sky Sleep